Monday, May 18, 2015

The Witcher 3 PC Game Patch V1.01 Including registry file & video tutorial


                  1.   Open the reg file using notepad.

                  2. Replace PATH + uninstallCommand + LAUNCHCOMMAND + EXE + WORKINGDIR to your downloaded/unpacked/installed game dir.

 make sure there's double slash  between each path you set *just don't copy and paste your install dir* it's the way how path is defined in the registry).

               3.Replace "user" ((** do not replace Users**)) in SAVEGAMEFOLDER with your username .

                5 . after saving run the regfile and confirm its adding to the registry

                6.If everything's done right Patch should be able to install properly.

               7. Play and enjoy!!!!!

If you have any problem with patching just comment or Just copy the patch file and pest it in your game directory then install it... ;) NJoy... ;)


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