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Latest & Best Facebook Tips & Tricks of 2015 !!!


  •  How to Disable Facebook Seen Option in Chat

     To Disable Facebook Seen Option in Chat You Just Need to Download an Unseen Extension For Your Web browser and it will Completely Disable the Seen Option in Your Facebook Chat.

 Mozilla Firefox : Download Facebook Unseen AddonDownload Link

Google Chrome : Download Facebook Unseen AddonDownload Link

  • Visible Online for Whom You want:

    Now you can visible online for whom you want.By using this trick you can chat with only with the persons whom you want.

    • Just go to Advanced chat settings by clicking on Gear icon below chat bar.

    • Then a pop up arises  just like below screen capture

    • Now click Turn On chat for Some Friends

    • Now add your friends in the options

    • finally click save option.

    •  Post/Update Blank Status

    Have Your Ever Thought of Updating or Posting a Blank Facebook Status in Your Profile ? – Though Facebook Doesn’t allow you to Update or Post a Blank Status But You Can Do by Using Some Tricks as Listed below.

        Login to Your Facebook Account and Paste the Code in Your Status Box – @[3:3: as shown below in the Image.

    • Remove/Block Facebook Ads

     You can Easily Block or Remove the Facebook Advertisements shown at the Right of Your Facebook Profile.Use Facebook Cleaner to Remove Your Facebook Ads from being Displayed in Your Profile.Download Facebook Cleaner Script or Else You can Download Chrome Extension From Below.

    Free Download Facebook Cleaner For Chrome - Download Here


    • Using Profile Pic Emoticons in Facebook Chatbox

    Here are some great rage faces:

        Not bad Obama: [[169919399735055]]

        Me G usta: [[211782832186415]]

        Forever Alone: [[177903015598419]]

        F yeah: [[105387672833401]]

        Poker face: [[129627277060203]]

        Okay face: [[224812970902314]]

    •  Make your Display/Profile  Pic “Un-clickable”

    Many people don’t want others to click there profile pic and view enlarged version of it. So, if you also want to make your profile pic un-clickable, just follow these steps:

    Step 1: From your timeline, navigate to Photos -> Albums -> Profile Pictures.

    Step 2: Select your current profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me” from default “Public”. That’s All.

    There are many other such Facebook  Privacy options.



    •   Restore deleted Facebook Messages and Images

        Simple Login to your facebook account and head towards general setting page through this link.
        Now Click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data
        At the very next page a Download archieve button will be visible, Click on it and they might ask you to enter your FB password again, Just enter it.
        When you click on Submit button and you will see download link for your data will be sent to your email id.
        Now log in to your mail account and download the archive from the link which you received in your mail.
        That’s it..!! Extract or Unzip the file and there would all information of your FB account such as messages, image, videos, etc.

    • Post Upside-Down Status Updates

      Do you want to post your simple status update in surprising upside-down way? If so, use FlipText. This website lets you to post status update in upside-down way. Just enter your original update on first box, it will automatically change to upside-down way in second box.

    Upside Down Status Update

    Upside Down Status Update

    Just copy that Status update and post in your Facebook Wall !!

    • Change Facebook Theme Color

    Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in Blue color. Right? Do you know why it is blue? because Mark Zuckerberg is color blind and can only see Blue color. So if you get bored of using Blue Facebook then you can change its color according to your choice.

    Change Facebook Theme Color

    Change Facebook Theme Color

    Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Just install and activate “Change My Facebook Color” Chrome Extension.

    Step 2: Go to Chrome’s Setting > Appearance and Tick ‘Always Show Bookmark Toolbar’.

    Step 3: Click on Change My Facebook Color Extension Icon on the Top-Right Side.

    Step 4: Set Background and Foreground color. Drag Arrow Icon to Bookmark Toolbar.

    Step 5: Visit Facebook and Press the Button that you just added using the extension.

    Enjoy exploring Facebook in your own color !

    • Get Notified When Someone Unfriend You

    To get the notification when someone unfriend you, download unfriend alert chrome extension and activate it. It will add an additional Unfriends Tab on Facebook so whenever someone unfriend you, you’ll get notified. This tab will also notify you about pending friend requests.

    New Additional Unfriends Tab on your Facebook Profile

    New Additional Unfriends Tab on your Facebook Profile

    • Enlarge Un-Clickable Profile Pics

    This is counter trick of #4 Trick that I shared above. As un-clickable profile pics can’t be enlarged by clicking them so use these steps to enlarge them:

    Step 1: Right Click the image. From context menu, select ‘Open Image In New Tab’ .

    Enlarge Private Image

    Enlarge Private Image

    Step 2: In address Bar URL of the image, remove s160x160/ and hit Enter. The image will appear in its original size.

    • Make Creative Timeline Covers

    Do you want to create creative timeline cover for your facebook profile, as like the below one?

    creative timeline covers

    creative timeline covers

    Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Visit Tricked Out Timeline

    Step 2: Select a template to use (out of 4).

    Step 3: Select Image to upload or use your current timeline cover.

    Step 4: Move the frame to target your cover photo and hit Done.

    Step 5: Click Like Button.

    Step 6: Download your Cover Photo and use it on your timeline with creative profile pic




    • Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

    Delete All Facebook Messages

    Delete All Facebook Messages

    Step 1: Download Fast Delete Facebook Messages Chrome Extension. Activate it

    Step 2: Go to Facebook’s message Page by visiting

    Step 3: You’ll notice a new button named “Delete All”

    So, whenever you want to delete all your Facebook Messages, just click this button and it’ll delete all Facebook messages within 2-3 seconds.


    • Find who unfriend you on facebook:

    • If you think that someone of your friends has Unfriend you on Facebook and your not able to find who is that.

    • Now you can use this Application to find the one who removed or deleted you from your Profile.



    • Download facebook photo Album in a single click:

    now you can download  facebook photo album with a single click,all you need is to just go to app named

    check the process:

    • Step1: As soon as go the above app you are asked to Login with facebook just like in above picture

    • Step2: Now choose your friend from whom you want to download photo album you can see an arrow 2 pointing in the above picture

    • Step3: Now choose the album what you want to download

    • Step4: Just click Download button and save photo album to your desired location.


    • Invite all friends to Like a FB page with Single Click

    You created a new Facebook Fan page but don’t have any likes on it. The best way to get Likes is to invite your all friends to like a Facebook page, but inviting your each friend manually takes a hell lot of time. But you can use the this Latest trick to invite all friends to like facebook page by a Single Click-

    • LogIn to your Facebook account and Open the Page for which you want to send invitations to your Friends.

      • Now Click on Invite friends Option and a pop up will appear.

        • Now simply press f12 key from your Keyboard and Chrome Console window will Open.

          • Copy the below posted Code and paste it in the Console window and you’re done !!

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

  • Send Free SMS to Your Friends From Facebook

You can Send Free SMS to your Friends anywhere around the World with no restrictions at All.Directly Sends the SMS to Your Friends Phone very Quickly .To Send Free SMS you have to Use the Facebook Chat Application.

Steps to Follow

  • Login to Your Facebook Profile.

  • Go to Facebook Chat Application and it will look like as shown below in the Image.

facebook tricks 2013
  • Now There Select Your Country.

  • Enter  the Mobile Number to Which you want to Send Free SMS

  • Type Your SMS Text and You are all Done.

Note - You Can Send Only 4 SMS Per Day of Length 100 Each Only.


  • Open Facebook Chat in Your Browser Sidebar : Mozilla Firefox

It Becomes Difficult to Do Chat as well as Browsing in Your Browser Simultaneously.So Here we Present any Easy Trick that will help you Manage Your Facebook Chat and Browsing Simultaneously Easily without Any Problem.Just Follow the Below Steps.

  • Open Your Mozilla Firefox and Press ALT Key.

  • See at the Top and There Select Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks

  • Now a New Window Will Pop Up and There Select ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’

  • Click on Organize and Select New Bookmark.

  • Next a Box Will Open and There Fill the Fields with these Below Given Values

Name - Facebook Chat

Location -

facebook tricks 2013
  • Check Mark the Box Load this Bookmark in the Side Bar as Shown in the Image.

  • Again Press ALT Key and Go to View -> Sidebar -> Bookmarks

  • Select the Bookmark ‘Facebook Chat’ From Unsorted Bookmarks List.

  • That’s all and You are all Done as Shown below in the Image.

facebook tricks 2013




  • Check Which of Friend Unfriended You or Deleted

Use the Unfriend Alerts Extension to Check Which of Your Friend have Unfriended You or Deleted from their Friends List.

Download Unfriend Alerts Extension For Chrome – Download Link

Download Unfriend Alerts Extension For Firefox – Download Link



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